Materials mix...beautifully

Best05_AWe’re so spoilt here at Roundhouse Towers – we are the first to see the most beautiful bespoke kitchens we’ve recently completed. Amy, our Kitchen Coach always tries to take some snaps when she is at a client’s home visit showing them how all their new appliances work and how best to clean and look after their work surfaces and cabinetry.Best08_A (1)This Roundhouse Urbo matt lacquer bespoke kitchen in Monument from the Paint & Paper Library is owned by an interior designer and is home to an interesting and very stylish mix of materials. Painted matt lacquer for the cabintery, hammered bronze on the island, Walnut veneer and a work surface in Silestone polished Yukon with a shark nose profile – all work beautifully well together in this sophisticated yet understated kitchen. We just love it and hope you do too!Best13_A Best07_A