Minimal Kitchen Design

When it comes to kitchen renovations, sometimes less is more. Minimalist design trends are growing in popularity, even more so in the kitchen. This is one of those rooms that can so easily become cluttered with pots, pans, bottles, packets and more, but the minimalistic look can be achieved with clever design and custom storage. Store away your small appliances, fruit bowls and other non-essential items that you currently keep on your worktop. As you go through the planning process for your new kitchen decide where everything will go and make sure that you plan your cupboard space so that you can neatly store away all of your items without worrying about overfilling cabinets or running out of space. This is where the expertise of a professional designer can prove so useful.

However, getting the most from the space means careful thought and planning to exact the most out of the storage, so a good designer is essential.  Good tricks such as hiding your appliances or integrating them into the design of your kitchen can create a more streamlined look and contribute even further to achieving your minimalist design.  The clearer you keep the surfaces the better the illusion of space.

The way products and technology is developing is giving designers a wider choice of solutions and now we have the flexibility to change drawer depths and drawers suit small kitchens – very deep drawers are now pretty standard and utilise the space really well. We think this kitchen is a great example of how a bespoke solution really works in a minimalist design with clever storage solutions and creative design thinking.