Mix it up: How to combine our Design and Studio collections

We are often asked by our customers if we can blend our bespoke Design kitchens and modular Studio cabinetry in one luxurious kitchen design. And the answer is most definitely yes! Mixing our bespoke designer kitchens with our handpicked edit of Studio cabinetry opens up so much flexibility – in terms of style, colour and budget. You get the wow factor plus points of a bespoke kitchen island for example with the signature simplicity of classic Studio doors. “It is becoming increasingly popular to draw from both collections,” says Lauren Wright, product development and training manager at Roundhouse, “combining finishes from the Studio range for practicality and from the Design range which offers more unique bespoke textures. It opens up greater design possibilities as we can tailor the design to budget and finish.”

Let’s show you why combining Design and Studio is so good for luxury contemporary kitchens, big and small.

Use Studio for practical zones

The minimalist yet inviting style tempo of this luxury kitchen room combines Design and Studio collections with expert flair. Using Studio cabinetry for the low run of units in the practical, work zones (sink, dishwasher, recycling) creates a streamlined mood that works to budget. The smooth matt laminate finish acts as a backdrop to complement the striking metallic luxury kitchen island.

“Choosing Studio cabinetry for the sink area keeps the cost down in these more utilitarian, practical zones,” adds Wright, “and the interiors are simplified yet still practical. This often enables more to be spent on a showstopper Design island embracing bespoke finishes such as metal wrap.”

The perfect blend of bespoke and modular cabinetry in a single kitchen design.

Add wow factor Design details

Luxury bespoke details are a signature of the Roundhouse Design collection. Our bespoke kitchens allow you to experiment with colour, door style and storage opportunities to create upmarket kitchen designs that reflect your lifestyle. As Wright explains: “Often clients choose the island or a kitchen pantry cabinet from our Design range which offers greater flexibility on internal configurations, materials and finishes.”

This showstopping modern kitchen island, wrapped in antique brass metal, is a shining example of what our bespoke collection can do in a luxury big kitchen design. There’s also the contrasting black lacquer storage ‘cube’ which packs in appliances and a hidden walk in larder.

Be clever with bespoke storage

Dream kitchens need dream storage, fact. So why not let Roundhouse experts create efficient storage tailored specifically to your needs using both Design and Studio kitchens.

“Our Studio collection has onyx grey carcases with either walnut or oak accents and generally offers cabinetry within specific widths and heights (although there is possibility to vary this),” says Wright. “The Design range has wood-effect internal carcase finishes and dovetail, solid timber, drawer boxes for a more luxurious feel when opening the cabinets. There is also far more flexibility for changing the internal configuration.”

Tall kitchen storage cabinets from the Design range offer versatility to build right up to the ceiling. The striking black lacquered block also cleverly conceals a larder room – accessed via a hidden door – with space to stash dried ingredients.

Use Studio for a style statement within budget…

Roundhouse can help you create the ultimate modern luxury kitchen design taking elements from Design and Studio. In fact, mixing both collections in a single kitchen design opens up fabulous layout and storage opportunities tailored to your budget. In this kitchen, black matt finish doors from the Studio collection cover three sides of the layout.

“The client really liked the idea of a dark kitchen so this fitted in well with the colour range available,” explains Paul Welburn, senior design consultant at the Fulham showroom. “Also, there is no compromise on the quality of the cabinets, so using our Studio range around the majority of the kitchen kept the budget sensible.”

…then add in showstopper extras

Looks, lifestyle and budget combine effortlessly in this stylish Studio/Design hybrid kitchen by Roundhouse expert Paul Welburn. Sticking with the more purse-friendly black Studio doors allowed for two showstoppers: the luxe green stone worktops and bespoke kitchen island units in antique brass.

“The main focus was bringing in the aesthetic with the practicality of the kitchen and the budget,” explains Welburn. “Throughout the design process we wanted to find a way to bring the brass into the design without blowing the budget.”

The result: classic black doors, the right layout and no storage compromises. Big ticks all round.

What styles and colours are available?

The Studio range offers a selection of matt colours in an ultra-soft laminate finish, from neutral white and grey to dark blue and green. Then there’s a choice of metallic, concrete and timber-effect textured door finishes. Our Design range has a far greater choice, colour matching to any colour lacquer plus bespoke stained timbers, hand finished metallic lacquers and metal wrapped doors. In terms of style, our Metro (flat doors) and Urbo (handleless) designs are offered across both ranges.

Our expert kitchen designers can help you make the best choices for your Roundhouse bespoke kitchen, furniture or wardrobes. Visit any of our seven Roundhouse showroomsWigmore St, ClaphamFulhamRichmondCambridgeGuildford Cheltenham and get planning!