Modern kitchen colour schemes

The luxury kitchen is often at the centre of the home. It’s a place where families gather, where friends meet, perhaps a place for homework or work and so much more. Roundhouse kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice when deciding to design your bespoke kitchen. Your kitchen should be an inviting place that you enjoy spending time in. With a bespoke kitchen design, you can customise everything from the size, shape and type of cabinets through to the colours. Here’s some top tips on choosing the right colour selection for your kitchen:

Colour Preferences
While it’s good to use a colour that works well with the kitchen furniture, it should be a place that you like to cook and spend time in. Don’t just pick a colour because it goes well with your current kitchen walls and furniture, choose one that you really like.

Consider the Kitchen as a Whole
The kitchen shouldn’t just be about the colour you paint the walls. As we have briefly mentioned, you also need to factor in the cabinets, splashbacks, upstands, worktops and flooring. All of these elements combined should tie in together to create a great overall look and style for your kitchen.

Remember your kitchen cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen so any colours should be a good match. They will cover a significant proportion of the wall, so you want to be particularly careful about the colour you choose, the texture, the size and material. Wood cabinets are great so too are white, but they will need regular cleaning because they do show dirt and finger marks more than other finishes. Your colour selection should take into consideration durability too.

Neutral Worksurfaces
The colour of your worktops really does matter. The counter is often the first thing that people will see when they walk into your beautiful bespoke kitchen. Neutral or contrasting colours are great. Choose colours that will make the paint and splashbacks stand out and make sure the colour you paint the walls works well with the colour of the worktop.

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