National Baking Week - the Roundhouse Bake-off!

It was fun and feasting all round as the Wigmore Street showroom hosted a Great Roundhouse Bake Off. As it’s National Baking Week and we were saying adieu to two of our lovely designers, Maria and Helen as they depart for maternity leave, in true Roundhouse fashion we decided to make the party even more entertaining.
Judges, Mary Jane T Berry and Paul Charlie S Hollywood had the unenviable task of judging some of the best bakes from around the Roundhouse showrooms. From an exotic raspberry, yoghurt and white chocolate cake and a yummy peppermint crisp tart to a lovely almond cake cake and savoury cheese scones, the food baked by members of the Roundhouse team was as tasty as it was good looking.
The winners included a traditional lemon drizzle cake which the judges said was perfectly baked, moist with the just the right degree of sweetness and delicious cheese scones which packed a bit of a kick.
Judging over, and the tense results announced, the scrumptious spread that was laid out in our lovely Driftwood bespoke kitchen disappeared very swiftly!