Storage solutions for small kitchens

Small kitchens don’t have to mean a compromise on bespoke design, but getting the most from the space available means careful thought and planning, so a good designer is essential. Often with a small kitchen there aren’t many options when it comes to layout, so how you utilise every inch of space and squeeze in as much storage as you can so that surfaces can be kept free of clutter, is vital. The clearer you keep the surfaces the better the illusion of space. The challenge for Roundhouse designers when they embark on a design for a compact bespoke kitchen is how to create enough storage in a workable space that looks fabulous but above all meets the needs of the individual client.


Products and technology have hugely developed giving kitchen designers a wide choice of solutions, many of which we employ in the bespoke kitchens we design here at Roundhouse. MD Craig Matson says, “Our designers now have the flexibility to change drawer depths and drawers suit small kitchens – very deep drawers are now pretty standard and utilize the space really well. The trend for blurring the lines between kitchen, dining and living space is great for those with a smaller kitchen as they can incorporate ‘kitchen’ storage in the living or dining area without it being overt. The boundaries are less clear where one thing ends and the other starts and that especially applies to storage. Looking forward there’s likely to be a shift toward seeing more of the contents of cupboards all at once and that can really help where there is restricted space.”

The Fulham Pantry

As ever Roundhouse is ahead of the curve with a clever bespoke solution that meets the need to see everything in one go – the Fulham Pantry. The pantry is a cavernous provider of kitchen storage space and its shallow shelves solve the problem of ‘losing’ foodstuffs that can get hidden at the back. Pocket doors offer room for jars, bottles and spices and its deep drawers have space for everything from cereal packets and dry goods to vegetables and bread.

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