Office politics: How to set up an office in your kitchen

Over 40% of us have cut out the daily commute and work from home. So whether you’re a full time or flexi home worker, carving out an office space within your four walls is key. A spare bedroom might be the obvious spot for a desk and chair. But have you considered setting up a workstation in your bespoke kitchen design? After all, a luxury kitchen room has all the basics to create an efficient office: clever kitchen cupboard ideas, layered lighting and plenty of charging points. The beauty of bespoke kitchens at roundhouse means we can design a WFH hub around your space. From hideaway desks to savvy storage, let roundhouse experts create your dream kitchen office for the ultimate work/life balance.

Create a hideaway workspace

This is neat: a bespoke cupboard desk that can be shut away when the working day is done. Our all-in-one work zone utilises a pocket door kitchen cabinet that opens up to reveal a desk and wall storage. It’s compact, efficient and the pocket doors slide back into the unit so won’t eat into precious floor space in your luxury kitchen design.

“It allows for a more flexible space in general as it can easily be closed off when not in use, blending into the rest of the cabinetry,” explains Daniel Lau, senior design consultant at Roundhouse. “There is also something quite psychologically pleasing about being able to physically close off the doors after a hard day’s work.”

The 9 to 5 graft just got super productive – and super stylish.

Maximise an unused alcove

Why not overhaul a redundant kitchen alcove with a built-in desk? It’s a clever way to max out every inch of space in bespoke designer kitchens. This floating desk drawer is slim, streamlined and creates a chic workstation within your main kitchen design. Just ensure the desk ledge is set at the right height so you can comfortably double up with a dining chair as an office seat. Get creative with the space by colour drenching the office zone. And don’t forget to invest in a smart desk lamp that echoes the style mood in upmarket kitchen designs.

Go for a seamless look

Your kitchen office should fit seamlessly into your luxury modern kitchen design. Our bespoke kitchens can include tall units for housing hidden breakfast stations and desk areas side-by-side. Go for a unified mood with materials, colours and surfaces that match the rest of your luxury kitchen design. Then elevate your workstation with stylish hardware, indoor plants and beautiful desk accessories. After all, work zones should be creative and inspiring, not simply functional spots. Discover how roundhouse can create the ultimate kitchen for work, rest and play (not forgetting cooking and eating!).

Get organised with smart storage

Put your kitchen office to work with great storage, the key to every smooth-running, productive business hub, even in our digital age. In big and small kitchens, opt for long rows of kitchen shelf ideas, bespoke cabinets and slim drawers. Why not utilise deep pan drawers to hide a printer and cubbyhole shelving for files and office kit. The result: a fuss-free kitchen office for streamlined living. “Ensure there is enough space for all working equipment and clever cable management solutions,” adds Lau. “Nobody enjoys working on a cluttered desk space with cables running in all directions.”

Double up on an island unit

If a dedicated office zone isn’t an option, get creative with hot desking in bespoke kitchens. Perhaps you only work from home now and again, so simply need an ad hoc workstation. Kitchen tables work well, even better if it’s positioned near a window for natural light. A modern kitchen island with seating is also the perfect perch for setting up business for the occasional day. Invest in plush, ergonomic bar stools and crank up the coffee machine. You’re all set for a productive day’s work from the comfort of your luxury kitchen room.

How can I hide my office in my kitchen?

Floating desks built into alcoves or unused corners are chic and unobtrusive. Use slimline materials and skinny shelving to enhance the barely-there mood. Zoning your kitchen is important too. You don’t want your office taking over the entire kitchen design with work calls and piles of paperwork. The essentials are good storage, neat cabling and effective spotlights.

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