Perfect Kitchen Storage

Creating a luxury kitchen that works well requires creative design and a good insight into how a kitchen can function effectively. Bespoke kitchen storage requires a good eye for design and practical solutions that fit in well with the available space.  There are lots of clever and creative kitchen storage ideas that work well in a modern kitchen. Keeping a kitchen clean and tidy is all about good storage. You can use built in cabinets, worktop storage and freestanding units and dressers as well as open shelving to maximise the use of your space. The kitchen is being used for many different purposes from dining, working and relaxing through to entertaining making the layout and storage even more important. Here are just a few clever ideas that you can implement into your design to create bespoke kitchen storage:

Freestanding Units

A mobile kitchen unit can be worked into your kitchen design. Ideas such as workbenches are great, particularly if they reflect the style and materials of your kitchen cabinets and worksurfaces. These are really useful for storing bottles, spices, oils or special equipment that you use for cooking on a regular basis.


One of the great things about bespoke kitchen design is that average fixtures and fittings such as shelving can be transformed into a feature piece that really stands out for all the right reasons. Open shelving is great for this purpose and it provides an excellent place for you to store those items you need to keep handy such as storage jars or fine china. Shelving can also be cleverly designed within your modern kitchen island.

Smart Spaces

Every inch of your kitchen can be used for bespoke kitchen storage. Ceiling racks, drawers, carousels and unique, pull out shelving can make use of space that you would never be able to reach. There are so many useful design ideas all of which can be highlighted by a skilled designer and at Roundhouse kitchens can do.

The Pantry

A pantry can offer flexible storage to meet the needs of every home. From bespoke mesh baskets for vegetables to be stored away and easily reached, to specific wine storage with a practical surface above for functionality, open shelves to store dry goods that are beautifully displayed, and an area dedicated to plugged in appliances that are useful from time to time.

Think about how the pantry can adapt to suit you but always consider easy access. For instance, shallow shelves ensure that items don’t get lost, and a work surface to allow small machines to be stored and used without moving them into the kitchen.

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