Q&A with Senior Designer Allison Lynch

We took five minutes to chat with Roundhouse designer Allison Lynch and asked her one burning question – What is the one kitchen layout rule that works for most bespoke kitchens?  Here is her answer.

“The number one rule is making sure the dishwasher is next to the sink and the bin too. Scrape, rinse and pack! The other important rule is to not have a large fridge/freezer against a wall because the doors will hit the adjacent wall which is not ideal for the door – or the wall! 

Symmetry plays a huge role in designing a kitchen and with that golden rule, you will achieve a perfectly formed and aesthetically pleasing kitchen layout. 

There are many rules that would apply as each position has a knock-on effect. A single sink cabinet should be hinged to open and easily access dishwasher tablets when loading a dishwasher. Therefore, it is ideal to have sink hinge on the left with the dishwasher on the right. 

Never put bar stools on the inside of the island between the back wall run and the island as that blocks a busy working area. 

Wall units above a gas hob have to be the correct distance above the worktop to comply with gas regulations and that is between 700mm – 750mm. Which is too high for other wall units storing glasses and mugs etc. So a break in the wall units would be ruining the line of the wall run or you choose an induction hob and therefore can have the extractor lower and therefore wall units will be 550- 600mm above worktops.”

Check back later as we chat to more of the expert Roundhouse design team to find out more about the latest news and trends straight from our London kitchen showrooms.

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