Roundhouse's got talent!

At Roundhouse we love to encourage emerging talent, be it in the designs we display in our showroom from craftsmen and women or in the work the students on annual placement from university do for us. We recently had our youngest recruit, 15 year old Lily, who came on work placement from school. She proved to be an enthusiastic temporary member of our team, below is her blog of her time with us.
My name is Lily, I am 15 years old and I participated in work experience at Roundhouse Design. Like many anxious young teens getting their first taste of what life might be like after finishing school I was nervous, excited and a little scared about what the week would bring.
On my first day at the Roundhouse showroom in Wigmore Street I met with many of the designers and the marketing team, and I soon realised that each individual working for the company really has a equally important role and how well they work together to get the best results for each Roundhouse client.
When I started work at Roundhouse I didn’t know what actually went into making a kitchen and the amount of time, effort and care that goes into it but I could soon see that everybody truly loves what they do and their attention to detail and passion for achieving what the customer wants gives Roundhouse a unique edge.
My second day involved visiting the other Roundhouse showrooms in Fulham and Richmond with Victoria Mariott who was allowing me to shadow her for the week. At each showroom I could see that Victoria immediately assessed if anything needed to be done and how the showrooms needed to look in order to give them the special ‘Roundhouse look’ that shows customers what the company is all about. It was also very cool to learn about all the different types of marble that can be used for the worktops and I also enjoyed seeing how the designers interacted with the clients.
The third day of my work experience meant that I got the chance of designing new displays and drawing out plans of old displays with Victoria, who explained how plans are drawn up. This was amazing as I got to use Vectorworks, a computer design programme used to draw up plans for all the kitchens.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Roundhouse and really appreciated all the welcome and support I encountered, it will be a week I will never forget.