Space...the final frontier

Kitchens are the one room in the home that really soak up storage space. There needs to be cupboards and drawers for pans, dried goods, vegetables, cutlery, crockery, cookbooks…the list goes on and on – and that’s without considering appliances; cookers, hobs extractors, dishwashers microwaves etc. The challenge for Roundhouse designers when they embark on a bespoke kitchen design is how to create enough storage in a workable space that looks fabulous but above all meets the needs of the individual client.
A Roundhouse bespoke kitchen we visited recently, designed by Paul Welburn, demonstrates how a good designer will overcome all these issues to produce a kitchen that’s perfect in every way for its owner. Paul’s client wanted lots of practical storage, including open shelving in the main kitchen area. His solution utilised an alcove off the main kitchen to accommodate a cavernous larder, wine rack, open cupboards with a pull out shelf for a bread baking machine, a huge fridge freezer and open shelving for books and china.
This left the space in the relatively compact kitchen area free to accommodate drawers and under counter cupboards and the open shelving the client desired. One side of the kitchen doubles as a breakfast bar. The overall effect is one of light and space but with all the storage necessary for a busy family kitchen. The clients are delighted with the result.
Paul Welburn is based in the Roundhouse Guildford showroom at 5 Trinity Gate, Epsom Road, Guildford GU1 3JQ. 01483 573584.