Standout surfaces

Whether natural or manmade, there are plenty of stunning options if you’re seeking a statement worksurface with standout style. As the hardest working kitchen surface, it goes without saying that these modern worktops must deliver durability and maintenance. But if you are looking for next level design appeal, it can pay dividends to think beyond materiality. Our expert team share their favourite ways to achieve seriously cool kitchen worktops that punch above their weight.

Take it to the floor

Statement work surfaces can be used to amplify a bespoke kitchen island – a waterfall edge is all you need. ‘As the name suggests, a waterfall edge is when the worktop flows down the side of an island or end unit. It’s a simple yet brilliant way to show off an exceptional stone,’ explains senior Roundhouse designer Jane Powell.

A double waterfall, where the kitchen worktop wraps an island on two ends will provide a modern, modular look. Here, a single waterfall, formed from exquisitely veined San Simone quartzite, creates a stunning focal point as you enter the space. A small overhang on the opposite elevation provides comfortable bar seating.

Choose an interesting edge profile

Paying attention to the smaller details when specifying modern worktops can have a huge impact, not to mention bring daily design satisfaction. In lieu of a regular straight or pencil edge profiles, go for something a little more unexpected, like this beautifully executed Shark Nose edge, which is cut back at around 45 degrees. ‘A crisp Shark Nose edge can make a solid island top appear slender and elegant,’ says Roundhouse designer Oli Moss. ‘It also allows plenty of room for opening handle-less doors below.’ For a more traditional edge detail, consider an ornate cut, like a deep ogee, or combined edge (double stack) New York edge profile.

Make a splash

Carrying a luxury marble kitchen worktop up the walls can boost the intensity of a striking surface. Taking it onto a vertical plane via a tall splashback also means the material can be appreciated from further away, ideal in kitchen dining designs. Splashbacks made from worktop are usually thinner, so cost a little less per square metre, and don’t have the dirty grout issues associated with tiled splashbacks. Aligning the stone’s veining so it appears to flow from horizontal to vertical enhances the sense of luxury and is the kind of craftsmanship you can expect from high end kitchen companies, like Roundhouse.

Explore different depths

Switching up the thickness of kitchen work surfaces is a simple but effective way to add design interest and energy to bespoke kitchens. One popular option is to opt for standard 20mm-30mm worktop thickness on perimeter cabinets, then use a mitred edge strip to create a much chunkier look on the contemporary kitchen, as demonstrated here in Caesarstone’s Excava quartz. While most types of kitchen work surfaces can be made to appear thicker, if you’re seeking an ultra-skinny look the work surfaces must be made from very rigid materials like stainless steel, sintered stone or compact laminate.

What type of worktop should I choose?

All worktops should look amazing while easily weathering splashes and spills. Setting a budget will help narrow down your options, and it can also help to decide whether you prefer natural or manmade materials. You could of course mix it up, with a manmade quartz or sintered stone for the main units and a marble top kitchen island, for example. Think about how precious you are, too, and how messy. Natural stone is undeniably beautiful, but if you’re going to cry over every stain or fail to use trivets and chopping boards, it is best avoided. In busy family homes, it’s hard to beat composite stone or porcelain worktops and if you’re seriously cheffy, check out stainless steel.

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