Stash in style…

In the pursuit of a well organised luxurious kitchen design, it’s hard to imagine there’s any such thing as too much storage. In truth, it is not so much the amount of storage, but what you do with it, that counts. By paying close attention to the internal organisation of kitchen storage cabinets, a small kitchen can pack just as much away as a luxury big kitchen design. Furthermore, selecting attractive storage, with a focus on design and materiality, will make it a pleasure to keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy.

Flexible access

A stylishly appointed kitchen pantry cabinet, fully loaded with the latest kitchen worktops and modern brass taps, is the latest luxury kitchen must-have. When considering pantry style doors for this style of full-height storage, a pocket door kitchen cabinet is undoubtedly the most flexible solution. So called because the doors slide pack inside ‘pockets’ within the kitchen pantry cabinet, pocket doors tuck neatly out of the way during use. Once it’s time to relax, simply close everything away again and enjoy a calm, clutter-free space.

In terms of practical storage, a pantry cupboard with drawers and shelves will provide a good mix of options. The aim is to easily spot frequently used items and hide away less-than-beautiful packaging. This type of storage also allows you to switch up the materials inside and introduce an extra finish, surface or colour into your contemporary kitchen design.

The case for drawers

If you are trying to ascertain the advantages of drawers or cupboards in kitchen layouts, be in no doubt that drawers offer the most spatially efficient storage in terms of both volume and accessibility. To unleash the full potential of drawers, it’s well worth discussing your specific storage needs with Roundhouse Design ltd kitchen designers.

Different drawer sizes will suit different storage scenarios. For example, deep pan drawers are ideal for stacking large saucepans, but smaller items will fare better in slimline drawers, where you won’t need to rummage deep to find what you need. Simple dowel and peg dividers, which can be easily adjusted, are great for reducing the rattle of stacked crockery as you open and close drawers.

Slim pickings

We also recommend at least two wide slimline drawers for stashing cutlery, pan lids, utensils and peripherals like kitchen foil. An internal drawer organisation system, like this one, will ensure each item has a specific place, and prevents things getting lost at the back of drawers. To maintain a sleek and streamlined modern design, consider under cabinet drawers kitchen solutions, a.k.a ‘secret drawers’, which hide discreetly behind larger drawer fronts.

How can I increase storage in my small kitchen?

Commissioning bespoke kitchen cabinets tailormade to suit your storage needs is one of the most effective ways to harness your kitchen’s full storage potential. Bespoke cabinets can be made to fit the tightest spots, creating storage opportunities in seemingly dead space. This attractive wall hung unit in rich American Walnut is an excellent example, and features shelves sized to fit the owner’s most frequently used containers and bottles. The kitchen roll holder and chopping board storage is a nice design detail that ensures they’re always close to hand.

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