Marvellous Metallics

Roundhouse is recognised for our innovative bespoke kitchen designs and original finishes. The latest trend to emerge in kitchen design is the use of metallics patinated or burnished or using real sheets of metal to create a metal wrap affect on an island or other bespoke kitchen cabinetry.

Metal Wrap

Our metal wraps are made from sheets of natural metal and include Copper and Brass in Matt Sanded and Antique finishes, and Steel in a Blackened finish. The Matt sanded finishes are made from metal which have been sanded and polished. These finishes will oxidise and acquire a beautiful patinated effect as they age.

Sanding and polishing the metals, which are then cleaned with an acid solution, achieve the antique finish and blackened steel and this hand-applied process results in an appealing variation in the panels.

Metal wraps are reflective and rich, with depth and texture and can be interwoven with matt or gloss lacquers, beautiful book matched veneers or textured finishes creating a layered effect. They will age and acquire a natural patina, which adds to the beauty and richness of the product.

Patinated Metals

These are real liquid metals; we use different metal powders to achieve these unique alloys in bronze, silver or copper. Acid wash is carefully applied by our experienced craftsmen in our factory in Malvern which gives each piece a totally unique finish in creating a beautiful bespoke kitchen. The range comes in a wide range of finishes including, high gloss, polished patinated metals, burnished metallics and a hammered effect for an even more textured look.

These finishes offer a real wow factor to your luxury kitchen, they are best used on one or two panels such as on an island to create a real focal point in the space. It’s all about mixing metals in the kitchen with other materials. Our patinated metals work well combined with wood or natural stone. The silver patinated metals look stunning when used with timber to warm up the space and give a contemporary kitchen design.