Trend Report - Milan 2018

We’ve just returned from a hectic week at the Milan Furniture Fair checking out the latest products, colours, designs and emerging trends in kitchen design and furniture. For our Trend Report Roundhouse product designer/developer and lead R&D, Victoria Marriott gives her take on the design developments she thinks we’ll be seeing more of.

Current trends

Wood – blonder & beautifully finished
Open storage – for curated displays – vintage, white, copper & blond wood for styling & lots of greenery
Eclectic mix of styles – more of the traditional mixed with contemporary

Developing trends

Smart technology
Voice control, multifunction work surfaces with integral cook zone
Compact design & micro kitchens


(Mostly spotted in soft furnishings)
Softer & paler– still plenty of greys but also peach, pink, green
Lots of greenery everywhere
Generally less dark, industrial luxe more pared down, lighter, sophisticated & crafted
Lots more to come  when we’ve collated all our research, so check back here for more trends news.