Two tier kitchen islands

Small or large, a bespoke kitchen island is one of the best ways to create a stylish centrepiece in your luxury kitchen room. Take this tried-and-tested design feature up a notch with a two-tier kitchen island. Packed with practical benefits, a contemporary kitchen island designed at varying heights will add an extra layer of bespoke detail. So, what is a two-tier island unit? Essentially it is a modern kitchen island created as a split-level design – but reimagined in so many ways. Think high perch for coffee, a low-level dining table that runs in a continuous silhouette from a bespoke kitchen island with units or a device to screen off the cooking zone in a luxury big kitchen design. Visually exciting, split-level kitchen islands also offer a chance to play around with different materials. Let Roundhouse Kitchens show you why a two-tier island unit might be the design solution of your dreams…

Extend into a dining hub

Kitchens with islands work in every size of space. In a more compact room, a multi-level island unit really comes into its own. Here, a lowered dining table joins seamlessly with the modern kitchen island using the same materials for a streamlined silhouette. Colour drenching the entire luxury kitchen design with a muted palette and adding comfortable seating are key to the success of this kitchen dining design. It is a showcase of Roundhouse creative expertise and how a dining room and kitchen can work successfully – and beautifully – even in a small footprint. A classic choice we adore.

Integrate a high level perch

Split-level kitchen islands are the perfect design tool for including a compact dining spot with space for a few bar stools. This marble top kitchen island with a light-up work surface is a fabulous design statement. Extending it with a high-level breakfast bar at one end is clever and eye catching – it’s a place where friends and families can sit and chat with the host, without getting in the way of the main cooking hub. Use contrasting materials (industrial metal, dark wood, patterned marble) to create a highly bespoke kitchen design and differentiate use. Simply add in a pair of bold velvet bar stools for seriously cool comfort and design clout. This is luxury modern kitchen design at its very best. 

Hide a messy prep zone

A luxury kitchen design needs to look beautiful and pack in a host of functions at the same time. One advantage of a two-tier island, is that it can screen off a messy cooking and food preparation area – a real bonus in an open-plan luxurious kitchen design. Create a modern custom kitchen island with a raised height on one side for bar stools and a lower worktop on the other where hardworking elements like a sink and hob can be hidden from view. The result is a calm and connected space for everyone to enjoy.

Use different materials

Let your imagination run wild with a two-tier island unit. Introduce contrasting curved edges and varying materials and experiment with style choices and design features. Beautiful bespoke kitchens come to life in the hands of a Roundhouse design expert. Try a high level eating zone in a palette of natural materials that complements a main island clad in tactile marble or quartz. Introduce a simple offset breakfast bar in smooth oak with metallic kitchen accents or use interesting worktop edges for a high design contemporary kitchen island. In a smaller bespoke kitchen, a harmonious colour scheme and seamless materials won’t let you down.

Build in a booth

Who doesn’t love a booth? Luxe bench seating – or a built-in banquette – will transform a standard island into the multifunction star of your bespoke kitchen. Lower-level seating booths are an effective way to add curves, extra storage (go for benches with lift-up lids) and luxurious fabrics. Guests can put their feet up while you can carry on cooking and prepping food at the higher level working zone. A designer kitchen deserves designer details – and a two-tier island from Roundhouse Design might just be the bespoke solution you’ve been looking for.

What is a two-tier kitchen island?

A two-tier or split-level kitchen island functions much like a traditional island, but with the added benefit of two (sometimes three) separate levels of elevation. The use of varying heights within the same piece of furniture offers a bespoke kitchen solution with so many plus points. Try different levels of storage, building in a low level table or exploring a range of different materials and accent touches for wow-factor appeal.

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