Two tone colour kitchens

Mixing two different cabinet colours in a luxury kitchen design is a guaranteed way to inject personality. While your choice of wall, floor and worktop will certainly add colour and contrast, a kitchen with two-tone cabinets will double up the impact in a bespoke designer kitchen. Pairing two shades together means no more struggling between favourite colours – you can also pick out different timbers and metallics for a similar effect. Two-tone or even three-tone kitchens are incredibly versatile and work equally as well with subtle or bold colour combinations – even just an accent shade in one zone will transform your bespoke kitchen. Be inspired by these design tricks and tips and create a timeless colour statement you will adore for years to come. Two colours might just be better than one…

Let it Shine

Harness the glow of a contrasting metallic finish if you don’t wish to introduce two distinct colours into your kitchen design. This is a great design strategy in a smaller kitchen or a head-to-toe, neutral space which may be lacking in character. Try aged gold panelling wrapped around a bespoke kitchen island or introduce brushed bronze or copper highlight, wall storage against a deep hued, Roundhouse kitchen. Metallics add so much design flair to a space: warmth, texture and a low-key luxury that will elevate every beautiful bespoke kitchen.

Create a statement island

Put a modern kitchen island centre stage by painting it in a different colour to the rest of the bespoke design and create a simple yet striking contrast that is hard to ignore. Team pale hues and neutrals on the perimeter cabinets with a rich jewel-like shade on the kitchen island or a contrasting charcoal for a classic, monochrome mood. Otherwise, an earthy taupe or silver grey on a large modern kitchen island will create an understated highlight to invite the eye – the perfect solution for those who prefer a muted palette.

Choose unifying hardware

Make sure your two-tone kitchen remains stylishly cohesive by finishing off doors with the same handles, knobs and hinges. So, even if your custom kitchen island is painted in a deep navy shade with wall units in a pale rosy hue, the unifying hardware will pull the look together. In this design, the slick, copper door furniture prevents the bespoke luxury kitchen from appearing too busy or disjointed – the warm metallic is also echoed across the mirrored splashback, copper tap and bar stools for a sophisticated result.

Highlight certain features

Highlighting specific features of a kitchen design is an imaginative way to harness a second colour. This doesn’t always need to be the modern kitchen island – although this is a fool proof way to raid the colour palette. You can also pick out smaller areas like a pantry or larder cupboard, even the inside of a unit for unexpected wow factor when you open the doors. Colour can also cleverly zone different functions in a kitchen design: for example, colour drenching a full-length storage wall in a bold, block hue will define that part of the kitchen. In an open-plan, kitchen living space, echo the second cabinet colour across soft furnishings and accent accessories in the socialising zone. Your luxury big kitchen design will instantly appear connected, harmonious and joyful to use.

Try natural materials

If colour mixing isn’t on your bespoke kitchen wish list, you can still try out a two-tone design by introducing a natural wood or stone. Warm, mid oak or dark exotic timbers add visual interest to neutral cabinetry – or even a bolder door front – with eye catching grains and tactile finishes. There is a timeless elegance to introducing a marble top island too, so experiment with different colours and stones for a unique look.

Is a two-tone kitchen a good idea?

Incorporating two colours into a Roundhouse kitchen has many plus points. With the right edit of colours, your bespoke kitchen will be visually interesting, elegant and timeless. Using a second colour as a focal point on an island unit is a tried-and-tested design trick. Remember, if these are painted cabinets, you can try out a fresh new look with a different paint colour in the future. Two-tone kitchens can also create the illusion of more space in a smaller room: use a dark hue on the base cabinets to ground the space and a bright neutral on the wall so the eye is drawn upwards to the lighter shade. 

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