What is a luxury kitchen?

Luxury kitchen design modern are all words that get bandied around the bespoke kitchen world but what does it really take to create a luxury kitchen? At Roundhouse kitchens there are a few givens, such as quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, that you might expect from all reputable high end kitchen companies. However, it’s the appreciation of the finer details that so often elevates a perfectly lovely kitchen to luxury status.

Design interest

The latest kitchen worktops are undoubtedly luxurious but it’s often the way the materials are executed that pushes the design boundaries. Consider striking edge details, such as shark nose, ogee or double bevel to give simple kitchen worktop designs luxe status. We also love mixing textured finishes like leathered or flamed stones, with smoothly polished surfaces. Here, the clever interplay between super-skinny and generously chunky delivers so much more on this large kitchen island worktop.

Bright ideas

Illuminating surfaces from behind is no mean feat but the results lend next-level luxury. A complex hidden kitchen mood lighting system was designed for this kitchen with island, literally putting the luxurious Patagonia Natural Quartzite in the spotlight. ‘We even created Perspex sections to prevent the frames of the kitchen carcases from showing through the crystalline stone and ruining the effect,’ says senior designer, Alice Hood.

Truly bespoke storage

The best luxury kitchens offer daily satisfaction via tailormade built in storage cupboards designed to make your life easier, however you cook. For example, it’s not enough to simply include kitchen storage racks for spices, they should be displayed in a way that you will find most intuitive to use. For some, that’s on the inside of kitchen larder doors, arranged by cuisine, for others it is laid-down, labels facing upwards and arranged alphabetically. Wide pan drawers should be measured to ensure they comfortably accommodate your biggest pots, and utensil drawers carefully divided to fit cooking tools, ideally with the most frequently used at the front. It may require several detailed conversations with Roundhouse kitchens to establish your precise storage needs. But the reward will be an ergonomic, efficient cooking experience and ultra-organised luxury kitchen design.

Elegant installations

No luxury kitchen would be complete without the very best appliances – we particularly rate high-quality designer kitchen brands like Gaggenau, Sub-Zero and Miele. From a luxury kitchen perspective, the way they are installed can significantly boost aesthetic appeal. Take the deep shadow-lines framing this built-in Miele oven, like a work of Art. The crisply mitred hand-burnished brass has been beautifully executed by our highly skilled custom kitchens UK craftspeople. This smart design feature also works as hidden handles to open the surrounding cabinets without need for obtrusive hardware.  

What you need in a luxury kitchen?

Modern brass taps, designer kitchen sinks (at least two!), a marble kitchen island and a walk-in kitchen pantry cabinet are the kind of high-end features you might expect to find in Roundhouse bespoke kitchens London, and beyond. However, we always think past fixtures and fittings; a thoughtfully designed kitchen that’s ergonomically planned to reduce walking distances, with a place for everything, will deliver the luxury of time, and, as the saying goes, that’s priceless.

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