What’s new with U-shaped kitchens

U-shaped kitchen layouts are a classic design choice. For decades, this three-sided kitchen has worked its magic on small and big spaces, for every design tempo. Whatever you want from your bespoke kitchen design, a horseshoe layout can deliver: it is functionally efficient creates good worktop space and can bump up storage. These are flexible layouts too. Our Roundhouse designers can tweak a classic U-shaped design to fit the 21st century mood. Try adding a seating hub, a storage wall or a modern kitchen island to make a U shape work even harder. Discover our luxury contemporary kitchens and see what a U can do for you.

Consider a U-shaped island

This is clever. If you don’t have the right proportions for a full U kitchen, why not try a U-shaped island instead. It’s a super creative way to elevate a bespoke kitchen island into a multi-tasking work horse. The result is a luxury kitchen design with extra worktop space (for preparation and appliances) plus more storage and a neat built-in bench. It will also add a focal point to large kitchen dining room ideas. Whether you are remodelling a cavernous or compact space, Roundhouse designers can create bespoke luxury kitchens tailored just for you.

Utilise corner storage

Don’t be put off by the idea of awkward corners in a U-shaped kitchen – far from it. Roundhouse designers have the expertise to transform every aspect of your upmarket kitchen design. This countertop cupboard is a fabulous example of what we can do to max out an unused corner. The full length unit sits directly on the worktop and is accessed by space-saving, bi-fold doors that concertina back. It’s a canny storage solution that offers masses of storage and creates a family-friendly breakfast cupboard in upmarket kitchen designs.

Stretch out with seating

Creating a place to eat in today’s kitchen is a top priority for most of us. This luxury big kitchen design demonstrates how adaptable a U-shaped layout can be. By continuing the run of units into a low level seating corner, Roundhouse designers have created a multifunction U shape. It’s a kitchen dining design with tons of personality thanks to the bold colour palette, sculptural lighting and patterned splashback.

Open it up

U-shaped kitchens offer great storage opportunities but don’t be tempted to cram in too many cupboards – especially in a smaller footprint. Rows of wall units can make bespoke designer kitchens feel closed-in and claustrophobic. Consider open shelving instead. It’s a fabulous way to display cook books, pretty mugs and earthenware and keep a home kitchen design light, bright and airy. Otherwise, glass fronted cupboards offer the best of both worlds.

Go for a broken U shape

There are no hard and fast rules with a U shaped kitchen. This modern luxury kitchen design follows a loose U layout, broken up by the door. But the basic principles are the same: great storage and top notch ergonomics. Why not max out the idea by adding a marble kitchen island. The extra worksurface, luxury kitchen sink, cupboard space and seating perch creates a functional and inviting room for everyone to enjoy. A modern kitchen island also keeps guests away from the cooking zone. Let Roundhouse designers transform your kitchen with a modern U-shaped design you’ll adore.

What is the best layout for a U-shaped kitchen?

U-shaped kitchens have units running along three walls of the room – much like a horseshoe shape – with the fourth side left clear. This could be for a door or if it forms part of a large open-plan design. To improve workflow, the best layout considers the working triangle concept. This separates the three main working elements of the kitchen– the sink, oven and refrigerator – on to adjacent units. If possible, place the fridge on the edges of the U so it doesn’t block the work zone.

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