White Kitchens

Although a white kitchen may seem like a good idea, if the design isn’t right it can make the room look too clinical and stark. When it comes to bespoke design, white kitchens are always popular but with so many hard surfaces in the kitchen it can look a little too bland. There are plenty of ideas, tips and tricks that you can use to create the perfect all white kitchen.

Although white can be quite clinical looking, you can soften then whites by good shading. Opt for two or maybe three shades of white and use them for different surfaces such as the worktops, tiles or cabinet doors. When layering your different shades of white avoid combining warm and cool white shades..

Make it Modern
When decorating with white use similar tones for the worktops and cabinetry to provide a contemporary, modular look that’s particularly effective when pairing modern kitchen ideas with handless design like the kitchen above. ‘Most homeowners appreciate the benefits of testing paint colors in location but, with whites, it is crucial as they can be altered beyond recognition by light and shadow,’ says Ben Hawkswell, senior designer at our Richmond showroom. ‘Here on the cabinets we used Hardwick White by Farrow & Ball, which is a clean off-white that can look like a traditional grey in some lights. But it has chalky undertones that, in a sun-filled room like this, appear much brighter and more contemporary.’

Bespoke Storage
White kitchens that are well designed will feature high quality materials. One of the best ways that you can achieve this is by using a company such as ours who specialise in bespoke design. Bespoke storage can be real statement pieces, making an otherwise bland and clinical looking kitchen appear more interesting.

As well as adding in different shades of white you can also use textures to add something a little different to your kitchen. This modern kitchen (above) is both timeless and elegant. The soft color of the cabinetry, Farrow & Ball’s Mole’s Breath, is given intensity with the Calacatta Manhattan marble kitchen countertop and backsplash, with smart black handles. ‘It was designed for a large Victorian terrace and the client wanted it to be contemporary and functional, while acknowledging the period nature of its surroundings,’ says Craig Matson (Managing Director)

Even if most of your kitchen is white, you can still add splashes of colour or a monochrome colour palette on the custom built cabinets. A few well selected colours can be used to create an overall theme for your kitchen, breaking up the plainness of a traditional white kitchen.

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