Wine not – designing the perfect wine storage

Wine buffs take note. If you want to stash your prized vino collection in something a little more sophisticated than a basic wooden wine rack, bespoke designer kitchens from Roundhouse can help. Whether you enjoy a cool, dry Chablis or a fruity Pinot Noir, custom-built wine storage is a fabulous addition to every luxury kitchen design. From basement cellars to hi-tech wine fridges and understairs wine hubs, roundhouse kitchens have wine storage to suit. We can design a bespoke piece of kit to keep your red, rose and white in tip-top condition. We’ll drink to that!

Build in a stylish wine cupboard

Don’t despair if your home doesn’t have a basement or cellar. Today’s wine rooms can be built seamlessly upstairs in bespoke luxury kitchens. Let us help you design high quality wine racks and fridges that form part of your kitchen cupboard storage. With coolers set at specific temperatures and bespoke cabinets fitted out with special racks, preserving your wine collection properly has never been so stylish or practical. Mix contrasting materials, glazed fronts and built in lighting so wine storage becomes the focal point of luxury contemporary kitchens, big or small.

Make it part of a cocktail bar

A dedicated home bar is a fabulous way to entertain from the comfort of your luxurious kitchen design. Of course, different types of wine – along with spirits and soft drinks – need different conditions for optimum storage. Together, we can create a spectacular home bar that looks the part in every luxury kitchen room. Tall wine cabinets are a great idea. Many of the cutting-edge brands we work with (such as Gaggenau and Liebherr) offer sophisticated fridges with tons of features for ageing and long-term wine storage. Think separate climate zones (so temperatures can be adjusted to suit the wine) and controllable humidity levels to avoid corks drying out. Look out for extendable bottle trays and digital controls for consistent and exact temperatures. Cheese board at the ready…

Go underground with a traditional wine cellar

Traditionally, older properties would have an underground wine cellar for stashing your wine stock. These dark, stone-built basements are a great way to free up kitchen cupboard storage in beautiful bespoke kitchens. Good ventilation is key to stop musty odours and damp ruining your prized bottles. Alternatively, luxury underground wine rooms from the likes of Spiral Cellars can be newly built. With perfect temperature and humidity conditions, these extra-special features will create a stir in upmarket kitchen designs of every size and style.

Take over the understairs space

Why not utilise an understairs zone for wine storage? Get in touch with the experts at roundhouse kitchens who can carve out luxury wine storage in the most awkward and redundant of spaces. Let us design bespoke cabinets to tie in with your main kitchen dining design. We can fit in wine cubbyholes, open shelves for glassware and integrated fridges all in the smallest of footprints. Finish off with latest kitchen worktops and maybe a compact luxury sink for the full wine and dine experience at home.

Sneak in a wine fridge

If you don’t need to stash a vast wine stock, try sneaking a compact wine fridge (like this one from Miele) into bespoke kitchens. Specialist coolers can be neatly built under a modern custom kitchen island with space for around 30 bottles of wine. They offer all the same hi-tech features as bigger wine cabinets including two temperature zones for chilling your red and white to perfection. Position on the outward facing side of your luxury kitchen island so guests can help themselves without getting in the way of the cooking action. Bottoms up!

Should I store wine vertically or horizontally?

Keeping wine on its side has many benefits. For starters, storing wine horizontally makes more efficient use of space in a bespoke kitchen design. Wine stored on its side (at a 45 degree angle with the cork facing down) also keeps the cork moist and stops the wine ageing prematurely.

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