British and Bespoke

What does it mean to be British and bespoke? We take a look at kitchen design in Britain and examine why Roundhouse has become so successful.

We’re backing Britain – a slogan familiar to those of a certain vintage. Roundhouse certainly lives up to those words. We have been at the forefront of British kitchen design for over 22 years and in that time we’re proud to have become a leading bespoke design and kitchen manufacturing company.

From small foundations…

Three architects founded Roundhouse and from small beginnings in Camden north London in 1996, we’ve grown to employ over 100 people across London, the South East and Cheltenham. We’ve become a multi-award-winning bespoke kitchen design company. And we have our own state of the art factory in Malvern Worcestershire, where we build all our beautiful kitchens to order.

British Design

British designers are among the best in the world and our design schools produce talent that is globally recognised. Things that seem so familiar have become design icons – think of the humble post box or David Mellor’s traffic lights.

Part of this design heritage, interior design has been a recognised discipline for many years. It’s relatively recent that kitchen design has emerged as a degree-level field of study.

As new technology develops, and new materials emerge, kitchen design has become increasingly complex. The population is aging, and kitchen designers must respond to demands that this brings and ensure they are at the cutting edge of multi-generational kitchen design.

Roundhouse is at the forefront in progressing kitchen design education as a new design discipline. We are actively involved in helping to set the curriculum for new up and coming designers.

Keeping ahead of the curve

Kitchens are such an integral part of our homes. They are spaces we want to spend time in and because they often extend into and become part of the general living area, they need to be as beautiful as well as functional. We want them to be the working heart of the home, robust, with plenty of contemporary kitchen storage but with much more than a nod to aesthetics.

We also want modern kitchen appliances that work hard for us, that are easy to clean and that will cook and chill to perfection.  Keeping abreast of all the latest developments in kitchen technology and of course kitchen design as a whole, is a huge part of an experienced Roundhouse designer’s knowledge bank.

What sets Roundhouse apart?

Roundhouse also spends time developing unique kitchen finishes and our R & D team keep us ahead of the rest. We’ve worked hard to establish a signature understated look that discreetly spells luxury, backed up by excellent build quality.

It’s this combination of gorgeous kitchen design and robust build that keeps our clients coming back to us – some (having moved home) are on their third or even fourth Roundhouse kitchen. Many estate agents promote us in their literature with, ‘Roundhouse kitchen’ becoming synonymous with a very desirable property.


British and Bespoke

Back to our British roots; at Roundhouse we celebrate British design and aim to support UK industry wherever we can. We do our bit in promoting British brands by using them in our display pantries, kitchen cabinets and drawers in our luxury kitchen showrooms.

Fridges in our beautiful kitchen showrooms are loaded with British beer and wine coolers filled with British Nyetimber sparkling wine. Our luxury kitchen showrooms are dressed with the most beautiful ceramics and craft pieces from leading British designers.

So, why not pop in to one of our showrooms and meet our friendly teams. See, touch and experience the best British made kitchens Roundhouse designers can offer.

We’re proud of our achievements and look forward to showing you the best of our British bespoke kitchen designs.  Showrooms in; Wigmore St, Clapham, Fulham, Richmond, Guildford & Cheltenham or contact

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Roundhouse furniture is ‘Made in Britain, Built to Last.’ 

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