Sleek Kitchen Design: Mirrors

Who would have thought that adding a mirror to a kitchen can be a really clever addition to your kitchen? Sleek kitchen design, style and space are just some of the qualities that you can attribute to this creative technique. Depending on the placement of your mirror, it can reflect the light back into the room, increasing brightness, creating a light, bright and airy space. It’s also a clever technique to use to make a room look bigger, which is great if you have a particularly small kitchen. There are lots of ways to incorporate a mirror into the design of your kitchen. Here are just a few:

Behind the Hob

Replace a glass splashback with a mirror behind the hob. Not only will it let you keep an eye on the children if they are playing or doing their homework, it’s also a great way to speak to guests as you cook without having to keep turning around. Depending on the layout of your home, the mirror can reflect another room or the garden, creating even more sense of space.

Behind the Sink

If you don’t have a window above your sink, adding a mirror can be an excellent way to throw more light into the room. A great addition to a kitchen that perhaps doesn’t have a window or if the kitchen space is particularly dark. It can really open up the space and create a lot more light.

A well placed mirror can be used as a feature in a sophisticated, sleek kitchen but it needs to look right. It should complement the overall design of the space rather than look odd or out of place. Also bear in mind that any mirrors used as splashbacks should be made from toughened glass to prevent it from shattering or cracking if something falls against it or it gets hot as you cook around it. Mirrored glass can be cut to shape to create a truly bespoke feature piece in your kitchen.

We think you’ll agree that this bespoke and sleek kitchen reflects (geddit?) the Roundhouse design ethos of well organised, understated design. It certainly has the wow factor.